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Light Bee Accessories

Supermoto - Road Wheelset Accessory Kit

The road wheelset is complete built 17" inch wheels, with brake rotors and 42 tooth sprocket. Light Bee supermoto wheel set accessory photo

Super Torque - 58 Tooth Rear Sprocket & Chain Accessory Kit

Light Bee super torque rear sprocket 58T-112 accessory photo

DNM USD-8S Downhill Forks

Reverse front shock absorbers, adjustable damper, oil and spring sturcture, strong and robust with high shock resistance. When purchasing the Sur-Ron Light Bee motorcycle you have a choice of RST killah forks or DNM USD-8S inverted forks. Light Bee DNM Downhill Fork USD-8S photo

Pedal Accessory Kit

Sur-Ron Kick Pedal System Assembly Video.
This Sur-Ron video shows the tools and the steps required to install the Sur-Ron Light Bee pedal kit. Light Bee pedal kit accessory photo